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Charles Meck is the author of five widely acclaimed books: Meeting and Fishing the Hatches; Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod; Pennsylvania Trout Streams and Their Hatches; Great Rivers - Great Hatches; Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout; and Mid-Atlantic Trout Streams and Their Hatches. 

He has also contributed many articles to national periodicals such as Fly Fisherman and American Angler. He regularly writes for the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide; Pennsylvania Angler & Boater; and even Fly Fisherman's - Virtual Flyshop on the internet.
         "I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and use my Downs Chest Fly Box. I especially appreciate its versatility and use it on every trip I take. I have three additional compartments: one with an early season selection of flies; the second with a midseason selection; and the third with patterns that match the late season hatches. Because I can add or detach the compartments as the season progresses, I store the fly patterns right in the unused trays. The Downs Fly Box is lightweight, easy to open, and extremely quiet. Add the option of changing trays quickly and easily and you can readily see why this is the box of choice for me."

"What can I say... The Downs Chest Box is the best bang for your buck! It holds all the flies I need and is a great value.

Here is a picture of me and a 21" brown trout that I caught at the Yellow Breeches one summer with my Downs Chest Fly Box. Much thanks for a great product!"

"Great product! I just hang my gear off the straps and go. I don't have to guess which pocket I put my stuff in. I'll never wear a vest again!"

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For each person who sends us their picture, we will send them a free tray or accessory (excluding harness systems) to add to their Downs Fly Box.