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Downstream Products is proud to support the Family Tyes Program, a Partnership with Youth and Business. The Family Tyes Program is best expressed in the words of one of its members:

    "To me, the fishing club is an open doorway - a way of learning and understanding some of the things that happen in my life. It's drug free. It has given me a chance to know new groups of people. That means a lot to me because I've seen enough pain and hurt. I've realized that this is not just a fishing club, it is a group of kids fishing for their dreams."  
Special thanks to Chuck McKinney and Paul Hindes

We at Downstream Products salute Chuck McKinney and Paul Hindes and all those involved in the Family Tyes Program who unselfishly contribute their time, talent, and energy to this program. We've made a commitment to do all we can to help support Family Tyes, and as a result Downstream Products makes a donation to Family Tyes for each and every fly box we sell. We recognize that we are all in this together, and we need to realize that our future starts with today's youth. Whether you're an individual, a group, or a company, and if you would like to be part of something that benefits us all, Family Tyes would love to hear from you!

For further information on the Family Tyes Program, please contact:

1521 Bevan Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: 412-884-5866

3049 Amy Drive
Library, PA 15129
Phone: 412-348-9428

                   A Partnership With Youth and Business