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The fly spray holder, the gink holder and the Flex-Lite holder are accessories that truly help to make the Downs Fly box complete. All three are available in left- and right-hand models (please specify when ordering).

The Fly Spray Holder will accommodate any 1 3/8" diameter can or pump-style fly spray. The Gink Holder accommodates any of the Gink-type bottles on the market. The Flex-Lite Holder is made for use with the original 3/4" diameter Flex-Lite and is a popular addition to the Downs Fly box.  

The flex magnifier is made with an optical quality, 3 diopter manifying lens which provides excellent magnification when tying those small imitations. The flexible shaft supporting the Magnifier allows infinite positioning of the lens and allows clear magnification at any position. The Magnifier comes with a protective cover that slides easily down the shaft when in use. The Magnifier mounts to the frame and tucks neatly away when not in use. This is a custom ordered item and must be ordered with your Downs Fly box at the time of purchase. (Frames are not prepared to accept this accessory unless requested.) We will gladly adapt your older frame to accommodate the Flex Magnifier. Please call for details.

You can see it on someone - this comfortable Backpack with side pouches.

*pictured below separately

Also pictured lightweight harness with waterbottle holder.