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We offer a lifetime guarantee on all Downs Fly boxes under normal conditions for the original owner. Boxes will either be replaced or repaired at the company's discretion.
(Foam liners not included.)

15 Compartment Tray
Houses the majority of your #10 and smaller flies
  Tough, lightweight, high-impact polymer in non-glare green.
  Smooth lines - no sharp edges to cut you or your leaders.
  Trays are interchangeable by simply pulling a hinge pin.
compartment dimensions: 1 1/16" x 1 1/4" x 1"

8 Compartment Tray
Stores your larger flies (hair wings, bivisibles, terrestrials, etc.)
  Solid construction - compartments won't trap your flies or allow them to change compartments.
  Quality stainless steel hinge pins, harness keepers, and snaps.
  No metal-to-metal noise.
compartment dimensions: 2 1/8" x 1 1/4" x 1"

Nymph/Streamer Tray
This tray has a 1/8" foam top and bottom giving you plenty of space for those big ties. It is also excellent for storing tippets, line dressing, etc.
  All trays have the same outside dimensions- L 4.5" x W 5.5" x H 1.125".
  Weight is 3.75 ounces per tray.

The Downs Fly box is worn on the chest. The straps are crossed in the back and clipped to the keepers on the fly box frame. This keeps the unit securely centered on the chest. Adjusting the straps will raise or lower the unit to the desired position. the trays fold out to a horizontal position allowing easy access.

This flybox setup has an assortment of Bass flies. The 8 compartment tray accommodates a wide variety of cork or balsa wood poppers. The nymph/streamer tray will house larger cork poppers, deerhair patterns, streamers, crayfish and minnow imitations.   

  This flybox setup shows an assortment of Salmon/Steelhead flies. The 8 compartment tray can be used to store an assortment of your favorite flies or split shot and strike indicators. The Nymph/Streamer tray will carry the majority of your fly patterns and can be arranged to hold tippet and leader material as well.

This last setup may be the most intriguing of all. This particular example is designed to show the versatility of our system. The assortment of flies is arranged for Saltwater fly fishing. Whether you're wading the flats or just walking the beach, the Downs FlyBox can be tailored to target most species roaming the oceans. (clips on the harness are replaced with *Delrin* clips for Saltwater use.)

A practical and popular feature of the Downs Fly box is the ease in which it may be converted to accommodate an infinite variety of fly-fishing venues. With today's mobile society, fly fishermen are often afforded the opportunity to pursue a wide range of fascinating species. Rather than carrying a multitude of different patterns and fly types, with the Downs Fly box you can simply pull a hinge pin and insert a preloaded tray containing flies appropriate for the moment at hand. Be it brown trout or bluefish, streamside or riptide, the flexibility ot the Downs Fly box is a great way to simplify and streamline your fly-fishing approach.