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Downstream Products is proud to present the Downs Fly box - a new twist on an old concept.

any knowledgeable fly fishermen are now using the Downs Fly box. They have known the advantages of this type of system for years but, because of cost, construction and weight, chose to stay with a multitude of small fly boxes in a vast number of vest pockets. We've also eliminated all those faults inherent to the metal fly boxes. If you haven't already seen the Downs Fly box on the stream, you soon will. The fly box is being used from Alaska to Argentina and points between, and offers the best method of storing your flies that you're ever going to find.

We know our Downs Fly Box will fit your needs and stand up to your use. It will also give you a more organized approach while on the water and a mobility that today's fly fisherman needs. Whether it's for an hour after work or for an entire week on the stream, what you need to catch fish you can carry in the Downs Fly Box. It truly is a pleasure to use.   Good Fishing,  J. M. Downs

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                        MADE IN THE U.S.A.